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" Continue incense head pops rang twice, with the bottom of my heart, to tear down the Suko carefully into his pocket, then put back on the ginseng incense table, facing to protect the family cents qualifying and worship worship, then in silence banner idea. I nodded with twos can be repeatedly clear the relationship, that is, to pick my sister is not the father's sister, grandmother only father that a child, he was an only child, but I do have two aunts, two aunts They are grandmother's sister's child. Coyotes jerseys nhl " "You wash your aunt to Pasha. Coyotes jerseys kids " Said a direct hand in the past to get on." Grandma nodded, "OK, I'm so to speak, the most recent year, is not your little granddaughter like you do not close up." Grandma nodded and looked at the hands of ginseng, shook his head, "Jiao Long ah, you put it back, thank him for me, ah, now can not eat, was enough for forty-nine days, otherwise, he this will not stay long." Waiting for the elevator to mind sister took me her grandmother down the long corridor hotel, took my grandmother, the pace suddenly stopped, looked at a soul sister "spiritual, we are to live in this layer do. But Fengxia hand tightly pulled my shorts, eyes and looked down, then slowly bulging eyes: "freaks, you're a freak ah, no wonder you have been thrown into the countryside, ah your mother .

"Because . "Ah !!!" I drove around a room suddenly heard a burst of high-octave scream. Coyotes jerseys path To be honest, when I know that the hands of the children of ginseng have been useless when I do not feel it, what Dayong, just feel so good to trauma, such as my stomach, but with grandma grandpa are so that I can stubborn but they had to return to that house to protect the family cents, still looking at the lit incense, he opened his mouth, "Son, I do not eat basking with grandpa." They then let me hear, I looked at the grandmother, now she looked at three lame'd look of surprise." In my opinion then, that this is more fantasy grandmother colors, more powerful, grandmother orders, we are anxious to cooperate, no one will say not a word. "Yes ah, Huijuan children Ku Cheng, is not pulling the urine, you look, he would not say ah. " "What heard.

"Basking, did not go there to see it. I frown, "What do you mean ah." Grandma hand touched my head "Children can not always eat this, not long a big, Jiao Long ah, this time you have heard Zhuoshu Shu said, later, you can not say he is a boy, ah, Zhuo Shushu He says you're a girl. Coyotes jerseys rose bowl " Zhuo Wei to see the soul sister "Let her drink plenty of water. Grandmother talking about the one with eyes closed What, then mouth the Road "Bring !!!" "Wine does, the wine. "Jiao Long, are you doing it!" I am scared Ji Ling, who is a hard, went directly to Arch house, Tracy would have listened to her grandmother, then a bit nervous, and then I was suddenly broke into the house of the mother scared cry, almost to the little child to threw. " Soul sister froze a moment, then nodded "Yes ah." "I'm still a wife? !!" Xu Gang, a grandmother would say to the spirit.

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