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" He shook his head, bright black eyes staring straight I slowly leaned in." I see his "This I tell you ah. When we turned around, only to find Xu dollar has been in the back, watching my grandma, tearful opening "Ma grandmother, my mother will not die of it. I also felt grandmother's hand a little heavy, blunt press in stone paddled makes me a little sore, but before I do mouth, grandma symbol unfinished, and just let go, the wind stopped instantly. "then, looked at me," Jojo, there is no urinary ah. "Mom! In the !!" Before the station of it, I saw my dad waving at me to get started with grandma, and saying, "Jojo, my father in it!" I feel like he is calling a stranger, because the grandmother at home, nobody call me Jojo." Grandma looked at me and smiled gently, "Silly boy, go your own way, how can I have your grandmother's side ah.

" Grandpa this time next inserted a mouth. " Grandmother grunted "That I put it, you look at it, we can stop this is not the so!" My grandmother did not understand a bit of it, was about to listen to it carefully, the grandmother came out, looked at me, "Jiao Long, what are you doing ah." Yun is also next to Aunt heart opening "Yes, Angie, you follow sister to the yard Tiaopi Jin ah." Grandma puzzled, looking somewhat helpless smile soul sister "she is such a child, while children rain burst of wind. custom authentic nba jerseys I can not go home, but they will not let me in the hospital, for a time became a place for my trouble." Then, they put the hand squeezed on my hip bone, I have some conflict of staring at him, a look of reluctance.

" Then smiled and looked at the grandmother sorry "aunt ah, sorry ah, I saw this girl to wear a little dot on the total soil beggar it is mainly the recent period of time to come to a little more than a beggar, I am sorry ah . custom Athletics jerseys " soul a time to speak directly to see grandma, my eyes a glance and saw her grandmother in the back waved, I do not say to talk with her mouth open type this." "That's how to do ah, after that a child on their own people, ah. custom authentic nfl jerseys My grandfather told me that a beginning, he did not believe them, but once when he was young and fit, with others to play sub-graves in the grave package jumping up and down, I did not expect a sudden collapse of the grave package he fell directly inside the coffin plate, and did not put him scared to death, came back legs somehow had a bad sore, and later still to cure the grandmother, so he began to believe these things, based on this, too my mother with the anger. custom authentic nfl jerseys china " "You are in rural areas, ah, that is the Ferris wheel, sitting play, and sitting on top overlooking the city is especially beautiful scenery it." I then asked. Then, three lame stumbled ran out of the house from my house, a look of panic "help ah !!" I'm a little fat, ignorant, do not know three lame this is how I saw him staggering rushed to the yard, it seems that the general madness, some villagers stand in the yard of the automatic spread out, to make him a piece open space, he did not run out, a pair of eyes stare boss, kept in place shouted "help ah! help me quickly !!" The villagers also told me about the face, another whisper muttered "He is a loud noise, loud noise with mental illness like got?" "That's a good horse aunt home is casually into, is not rushed to the Han.

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