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" In this to announce the end of her explanation to this, and I, still little understood. " Grandma shook his head "No, I just feel there are evil spirits, adult all right, my main Jiao Long with it, I can not let her have a thing. cowboys jerseys font " "So how fast. "This is not nonsense it! Hurry to the hospital it !!" Rural doctors a look at Tracy's mother fainted, strode to the front of the grandmother: "! You did it harm you know, this is no scientific basis ah" Grandmother with eyes closed in that slow, then opened his eyes and looked at the young doctor a "how harm me, I was to save people. cowboys jerseys ebay " Grandma looked at him, smiled some sorry "ambition ah, I thought, or you do not go there, came Jiao Long grandfather had been urging me to go back early, I also recognize that other county sir, so it, I called to let others go to see relatives, to see who are the same anyway, hope you can Shunshundangdang mother Kaner the past, you say is not it? " Dad frown "Mom, is it because of something you see a doctor to Jojo mood is not good, mind told me to say, Jojo is surgery ah, but that'll have to wait, you do not have to follow the money to get angry ,By the time����" "This is not a thing, I was in total I went to the upset when Huijuan there, do not follow later, you understand what ah, I'll go back with Jiao Long ah.

Not two months, after another river that drowned two big men, pulled up after all naked and eyes wide like a big brass bell, for a time panic, are said to be made Fengxia demon, as long as a single man to the river, you can see her naked in the swimming, the men look at the water she will be the DEATH. That all of a sudden, the father and mother have the heart to her grandmother Yun Aunt are looking to the grandmother, grandmother face some fat ignorant, he pointed to his "My thing?" Then, from the house to pull out." My grandfather told in the behind with." Grandma looked Xu Gang immediately opening.

Time so quietly flowing, before I forgot to tell grandma children things, then just do not want to say, because I like children really became very good friends. Zhuowei Shu t follow my father strapped Zhuo King hurried toward the house walked beside soul sister kept saying "Slow down, slow ah! Ah small scene, a small scene you hear me?" I looked blankly Zhuo scene that, if I had not seen him before, could not believe that was strapped to his father, his face covered with a red pimple, it seems to be a myriad mosquitoes layers of bite up, particularly palsy people, and also one of those knots shiny shiny, it is like a tightly next to one of the blisters. Subsequently grandmother eyes closed, begin mouth "that do not go away! This is the place to be your children do !!" Lee pitched voice, her grandmother is not the usual way, scared my neck a shrink, instinctively leaning sideways. cowboys jerseys emmitt smith "Zhuo Wei! You listen to me now, and quickly go to the hospital !!" soul sister still loud talking, heart Yun aunt in the side of a hurry to ask "spiritual ah, this is ye ah.

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